Centrifugal Blower

Product -

Cylindrical  multi blade  rotor in cycloidalsteel casing. The rotor is driven by a motor placed
internally or externally. Air is expelled centrifugally, if reqd under very high pressure.


Types -

a) Forward curved, Radial curved and Backward curved Rotor or a combined Forward-Backward curved Rotor.

b) Low pressure, Medium pressure and High pressure.


Use -

Used under controlled volume & pressure of air delivery e.g., Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Humidification, Pneumatic conveying, High temperature heaters, Dust collectors, Spray booths and many others.


Available Sizes -

Ranges in terms of volumetric capacities and static as well as velocity pressures( kinetic heads) can be grouped in -

a) Low pressure limited load fans,

b) Medium pressure fans and 

c)  High  pressure  fans  catering  for volumetric  capacity upto 2,65,000 CFM generating static head of upto 2000mm WG for single stage fans alone.




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