Wire Guard: Protection For Impeller

The motor and impeller sides of EPC Exhaust Fans may be provided with strong wire guards. Motor side guard fits over mounting arms while impeller side guard fits into the orifice in the fan ring or diaphragm.



Regulators may be supplied for use with 230 mm , 300 mm, 380 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, single phase fans. They have four speeds, are metal clad and of auto - transformer type for 450 mm 1400 r.p.m. and 600 mm 920 r.p.m. fans and of choke type for others. Electronic Stepless Regulators can also be supplied with all single phase fans.


Louvre Shutters

These are made of aluminium, fitted into a steel frame with four fixing lugs. They are opened by fan draught and closed by gravity when the fans are switched off.

Wall Cowls

They provide an effective protection for fan outlets in exposed position. They protect the fans from weather and prevent opposing winds to restrict fan output. Reduction in delivery of free air due to fixing flanges. They are strong and coated with anti - rust paint.



EPC Exhaust Fan has the widest range to cover and suit your requirement from 230 mm (9") to 900 mm (36") in both single and three phases.


Fans, of all sizes, are packed in cartons - Fan Motor in one, Impeller Fitment in the other. Instructions regarding installation of electrical connection are given with each fan.