EPC motor embodies the state of the art industrial design. The motors are capable of withstanding voltage fluctuation and rigorous duty requirements in hot and humid tropical climate. The concept of quality circle has been integrated with a full proof quality assurance system, production techniques, rigorous in-stage inspection and testing of mechanical and electrical parameters. This culture ensures safe and trouble-freeĀ operationsĀ for years.    

Outstanding Construction Features


Stator frame and End Shields


The stator frame and end shields are made of graded quality cast iron making the motor extremely rugged. The design of the frame provides excellent thermal dissipation properties, with a clean, modern appearance.


Cooling Fan and Cowl

All motors use a lightweight, low inertia cooling fan made of high grade polypropylene. The fans are of bi-rotational type and the fan-cowl combination ensures air stream to flow over the motor surface for effective heat dissipation.    


The shafts are made of high quality steel ensuring strength to withstand to torsion and bending ; and these are machined to fine limits to facilitate smooth fitting and interchangeability of bearings.    

Bearings and Lubricants

The motors are fitted with high quality bearings, preloaded and correctly packed with grease, on assembly to ensure silent operation and long life. while servicing, remember always - over greasing is detrimental to the bearings ; usually causing overheating.    


The stator core is made of superior quality stampings which are low-loss, high permeability type magnetic steel. The wound stator core is impregnated with polyester varnish followed by controlled baking and then inserted in the accurately machined frame and finally screwed by dowel pins. The windings are of polyester based copper wires.    


The rotor core is also of superior quality, low loss type magnetic steel. The rotor is die-cast with high grade aluminum. The complete rotor with shaft is balanced for smooth and vibration-free operation.