Selection of Induction Motor -


An electric motor should be chosen based on the following major considerations:

1. Operational Environment
The various important factors are:
a) Ambient temperature
b) Nature of atmosphere
c) Altitude of operating site
d) Voltage fluctuation
e) Frequency fluctuation

2. Machine Characteristics
The various important factors are:

a) Starting torque and starting current

b) maximum torque

c) Inertia

d) Electrical efficiency and power factor

e) mechanical features


3. Duty
The mechanical load is normally of a composite nature and the job to be done has certain specific requirements which depend on

a) Dead Load
b) Live Load


Typical Applications


1. Atta Chakkies, Wet & Dry Grinders, Pumps.

2. Machine Tools, e.g. Lathe, Drilling Machines, Milling.

3. Compressor, Blower, Buffing, Polishing.

4. Air Conditioners, Desert Cooler.

5. Vacuum Pumps, Washing Machines.