Man Cooler

About Man Cooler

The need of Man Cooler – Workers tend to lose energy and get exhausted while working in the intense heat on the shopfloors. This results in loss of productive capacity, decrease in output and strain in human relations. So a cooling appliance becomesessential. This is where E.P.C. Mancooler steps in.

Quality – The E.P.C. Mancooler is superbly designed and manufactured to provide the best cooling comfort and is useful even in areas of high temperature such as steel plants and foundries.

It cools the body by producing a high velocity air stream with maximum reach. The blast of air provided by it sets in motion the surrounding air, which increases as it covers distance
Regions of Application –
  • All shop floors, specially those with furnaces, foundries and heat – producing apparatus.
  • Factories with large number of workers and machines.
  • Cooling of brick kilns, cooling bottles in glass works, tempering furnaces and electrical equipment.
  • Industrial cooling of castings, generators and other machines.
  • Dehydration in cold storage of perishable and edible products.

  • Benefits – It increases productive productive capacity and at the same time, improves industrial relations. It acts as the substitute for several fans of other types