About Us

About Company

EPC Electrical Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1971. From the very beginning it had one goal in its helm – “To manufacture the best quality products”. EPC has earned a name for itself in the manufacture of a wide and highly efficient range of exhaust fans, axial flow fans, mancoolers, air circulators, centrifugal blowers and motors.

EPC Electrical Pvt Ltd is headed by Mr Joydeep Paul, Managing Director, along with a team of expert and professional persons.

What We Do

EPC is in relentless pursuit of upgrading its products with the changing times and emerging trends in ventilating systems market. Manufactured at the State of the Art factories, under stringent quality control, each EPC product stands out with a promise of quality and reliability and ensures that EPC product complies with the highest level of accuracy with optimum efficiency.


Our in house, state of art design of different motors and its components ensure long life and optimum efficiency. Robust and yet flexible design adds durability to the product.


Continuous development according to time is our motto. We try our best to ensure efficient performance of our products by continuous development as per with the technology.


All our products are manufactured in house. our state of the art manufacturing facility with best experience in the concerned field, guarantees the quality and performance.

EPC Electrical Pvt Ltd designs, develops, manufactures exceptional quality of ventilating systems like Exhaust Fans (ISI Certified), Pedestal and Bracket type Air Circulator Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Man Coolers and centrifugal Fans. Each product comes in various sizes and speeds as per customer requirements.