Exhaust Fan

About Exhaust Fan

The Need of an Exhaust Fan

Whether it’s in an office or a factory, a laboratory or an auditorium, a bakery or an kitchen, the air that we breathe gets stale and heated with time-making the place uncomfortable and unhealthy. The heat gets unbearable, the steam or smoke highly irritating. What is then desperately needed is an improved air condition or adequate number of air changes. This is obtained only through powered ventilation – an Exhaust Fan. It squeezes out polluted air and allows inflow of cool and fresh air – in a double-action way.


The EPC Exhaust Fan is provided with capacitor, start and run induction motor of robust construction, totally enclosed, continuous rated type and specially designed for fan duty. Direction of rotation can be changed simply by interchanging connections of the stator windings. Conforms to I.S. Specifications No. 2312/1967 and is generally provided with class ‘A’ insulation; class ‘E’ insulation can be offered to meet special requirements. Fan motors have two ball bearings adequately lubricated EPC Exhaust Fan has the widest range to cover and suit your requirement from 230 mm (9″) to 900 mm (36″) in both single and three phases.